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Unveiling the Future: ETH Barcelona and the Transformative Power of Blockchain Technology


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, few innovations have captured our collective imagination quite like blockchain and its most prominent platform, Ethereum. With its decentralized nature and revolutionary potential, Ethereum has become a catalyst for transforming industries, driving innovation, and fostering positive social impact. At the forefront of this movement is ETH Barcelona, a three-day conference that brings together the brightest minds in the crypto scene. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Ethereum and blockchain, highlight the key features of ETH Barcelona, and introduce Mariah Howard, an influential figure set to share her insights in a unique fishbowl dialogue.


Understanding Ethereum and Blockchain

To comprehend the magnitude of ETH Barcelona, it's essential to grasp the underlying concepts of Ethereum and blockchain. Ethereum, the world's most prominent decentralized platform, has revolutionized the digital landscape by enabling the development and deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Unlike traditional centralized systems, Ethereum operates on a distributed ledger technology called blockchain. This technology ensures transparency, immutability, and security by recording and verifying transactions across a network of computers, removing the need for intermediaries.

Blockchain's importance lies in its potential to disrupt traditional industries and empower individuals. By eliminating intermediaries, blockchain technology offers enhanced security, increased efficiency, and cost savings across a wide range of sectors. It has the power to reshape

  • finance

  • supply chain management

  • healthcare

  • voting systems

  • and many other domains.

As blockchain continues to evolve, its impact on society becomes increasingly profound.


The Significance of ETH Barcelona

ETH Barcelona emerges as a pioneering force in the blockchain landscape, showcasing the latest innovations and insights from industry leaders. This three-day conference provides a unique platform for up to 2000 participants to immerse themselves in a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration. By focusing on education, innovation, art, and social impact, ETH Barcelona aims to nurture the next generation of blockchain enthusiasts and facilitate the development of groundbreaking solutions.

ETH Barcelona distinguishes itself by including a Spanish speakers track, highlighting the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive community. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that participants from different backgrounds and language preferences can engage actively and contribute their unique perspectives. ETH Barcelona boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, each with their own remarkable stories and contributions to the blockchain ecosystem.

Exploring Influential Speakers at ETH Barcelona 2023

Kevin Owocki, Founder, Gitcoin /

Amanda Keleher, Chief People Officer, ConsenSys

Marc Johnson, Climate & Web3, Filecoin Green at Protocol Labs

Lena Hierzi, Developer Advocate, Toucan Protocol

Andrea Berry, Head of Business Development, Theta Network

Adam Gagol, Co-founder, Aleph Zero

Stina Liland, COO, Bitrefill

Xaler, OpenZeppelin

Yaroslav Shakula, CEO, YARD Hub

Pedro Gomes, CEO, WalletConnect

Kyler Wander, Director of Operations, DAO Research Collective

Alon Muroch, Founder, ssv network

Mykola Siusko, Softcore Contributor, Nym

Cyrille Pastour, Co-CEO & Co-founder, Swaap Finance

Lior Zaks, Legal Counsel, Stake Capital Group

Tony Darko, Founder, Darko Studio; Partner, Decentraland

Jasu Victorio, Product Manager, BanklessDAO

Hartej Sawhney, CEO, Zokyo

Yoav Tzuker, CMO, Collider

Venue: Barcelona International Convention Center

Barcelona, Spain

One such visionary is Mariah Howard, CEO and Founder of Made Marketing, who is set to share her profound insights during the event. Mariah's extensive experience in advertising, coupled with her strategic prowess and analytical mindset as a software engineer, she has earned her recognition from esteemed organizations.

Being a founding member of Developer DAO, the world's largest community of blockchain engineers, Mariah possesses a deep understanding of the transformative power of blockchain technology. Her advisory role for The Culture Cards, collaborations with NEAR Foundation, Celo Organization, and Unstoppable Domains, and involvement with Unlock Protocol underscore her expertise in blockchain integrations, workshops, and DeFi use cases.

Furthermore, Mariah's commitment to diversity and inclusion within the technology industry is demonstrated through her role with Baddies in Tech. By breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for underrepresented groups, she champions equity and empowerment. Mariah's multidimensional background in Molecular Genetics and Healthcare Administration further amplifies her ability to approach challenges from diverse perspectives.

Highlights, Features, and Benefits of ETH Barcelona:

Diverse Speaker Lineup: ETH Barcelona brings together an exceptional lineup of speakers, including industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators. With individuals like Kevin Owocki, Amanda Keleher, Lena Hierzi, and Mariah Howard, attendees can expect a wealth of knowledge, inspiring stories, and cutting-edge insights.

Comprehensive Educational Opportunities: The conference is designed to provide attendees with a deep understanding of Ethereum, blockchain technology, and its applications. Through workshops, panel discussions, and presentations, participants can expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the crypto scene.

Innovation and Networking: ETH Barcelona fosters an environment of innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Participants have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, forge partnerships, and explore potential collaborations. The conference acts as a catalyst for innovative ideas and projects, creating a space where new ventures can be nurtured and flourish.

Art and Social Impact: Beyond technology, ETH Barcelona recognizes the importance of art and social impact in the blockchain ecosystem. The conference showcases the intersection of art and technology, highlighting how blockchain can be utilized to empower artists, creators, and promote positive social change. This unique approach adds a touch of creativity and societal relevance to the event.

Inclusivity and Accessibility: ETH Barcelona places a strong emphasis on inclusivity, providing a Spanish speakers track to accommodate diverse language preferences. The conference strives to create an inclusive space where individuals from all backgrounds can participate, learn, and contribute. It serves as a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard and valued.

Livestreaming and Public Access: One of the key features of ETH Barcelona is the live streaming of the conference sessions. This allows individuals who are unable to attend in person to still benefit from the knowledge and insights shared by the speakers. Additionally, the recorded sessions are later posted on platforms like YouTube, ensuring public access to the valuable content discussed during the conference.

By livestreaming and sharing the conference sessions online, ETH Barcelona extends its reach beyond the physical event, enabling a wider audience to engage with the content and stay informed about the latest developments in the blockchain space.

The Fishbowl Dialogue: An Engaging Format for Dynamic Conversations

To create an environment of active participation and meaningful dialogue, ETH Barcelona adopts the fishbowl format, akin to a boxing ring. This unique setup encourages both inner and outer participants to engage in an open and inclusive discussion. The inner participants, including esteemed experts and panelists, lead the conversation, while the outer participants actively listen and observe.

The fishbowl format ensures that different perspectives are heard and respected. As the discussion unfolds, outer participants have the opportunity to tap an existing inner participant, signaling their desire to contribute to the conversation. This rotation process allows for a fluid exchange of ideas, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

ETH Barcelona Side Event: Refi Farm-Table Dinner Series

As an extension of the ETH Barcelona experience, attendees have the opportunity to participate in a remarkable side event hosted by The Decentralized Hub. The Refi Farm-Table Dinner Series combines the realms of sustainable finance and culinary excellence, offering a unique and immersive dining experience.

This exclusive event takes place in Barcelona, Spain, amidst the vibrant culinary scene that the city is renowned for. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable farming practices, guests will indulge in a farm-to-table feast that celebrates the flavors and traditions of Barcelona while promoting environmental sustainability.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Celo Organization for their generous support as a Bronze Sponsor of ETH Barcelona!

Their commitment to driving financial inclusion through blockchain technology is truly commendable. Celo Organization believes that everyone should have access to financial services, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status. Their platform provides a mobile-first approach to decentralized finance, empowering individuals to transact, save, and participate in the global economy.

As a sponsor of ETH Barcelona and supporting The Decentralized Opportunity Hub, Celo Organization reinforces their dedication to fostering innovation and creating opportunities for underserved communities. Their participation not only strengthens the conference but also highlights the importance of bridging the gap between blockchain technology and financial inclusion. We applaud Celo Organization for their visionary work and look forward to their continued impact in driving positive change in the world of decentralized finance.

Key Features of Farm-Table Dinner at ETH Barcelona:

Locally Sourced Ingredients: The Refi Farm-Table Dinner Series prioritizes the use of locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Each dish is carefully crafted to showcase the culinary excellence of Barcelona, while also reflecting the commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Expert Presentations: Throughout the dinner, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with thought leaders who will share insights into the importance of sustainable finance and its impact on local communities. Gain a deeper understanding of how investment decisions can drive positive change in environmental and social sustainability.

Wine Pairings: Enhancing the dining experience, expertly curated wine pairings complement each course, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Discover the stories behind the wines and learn about the sustainable practices employed by local vineyards, further highlighting the connection between sustainability and gastronomy.

Panel Discussions: Engage in stimulating panel discussions featuring experts from the finance, agriculture, and sustainability sectors. Explore the intricate connections between sustainable finance, responsible agriculture, and the future of our planet. These discussions provide a platform for deepening knowledge and exchanging ideas.

Intimate Setting: The Refi Farm-Table Dinner Series offers an intimate setting, fostering meaningful conversations and connections. This cozy ambiance encourages interactions with fellow attendees, renowned chefs, and industry experts, enabling the exchange of perspectives and the forging of lasting connections with individuals passionate about sustainability.

The Refi Farm-Table Dinner Series is an extraordinary opportunity to expand your horizons, nourish your senses, and engage with the intersection of sustainable finance and culinary excellence. This side event, hosted in conjunction with ETH Barcelona, provides a memorable experience that seamlessly blends innovation, sustainability, and gastronomy.

Tickets for the Refi Farm-Table Dinner Series can be purchased through the ETH Barcelona side events website, or at ensuring that participants can secure their place at this exclusive event. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to savor the fusion of culinary delights and sustainable finance while immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of Barcelona.

Please note that ticket prices vary depending on the chosen price option, ranging from $75.00 for the standard option to $1,250.00 for the VIP experience.


ETH Barcelona is not just another conference; it is an immersive and transformative experience that brings together the brightest minds in the blockchain community. With its diverse speaker lineup, comprehensive educational opportunities, focus on innovation and social impact, and commitment to inclusivity, ETH Barcelona is poised to make a lasting impact on the blockchain ecosystem.

Whether attending in person or accessing the conference sessions online, participants can expect to be inspired, educated, and empowered. The combination of thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and access to valuable content makes ETH Barcelona a must-attend event for makers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts alike. Get ready to dive into the future of blockchain technology and be part of the movement towards a decentralized world!


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