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Funding Global Solutions from Real-World Leaders

Smart teams will do amazing things, but truly diverse teams will do impossible things.

Up to $1 billion available in capital

POC (people of color), women, non-binary, LGBTQI and disabled founders within environmental, social, and governance sectors

Seed, Series A, B, and C

Countries of Operation


U.S.; Canada; UK; France; Germany;
Ireland; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Spain; Switzerland.

Australia, Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Sweden.

We focus on the underserved and wealth building in industries that have not been traditionally accessible. This includes all entrepreneurs of color, women founders and those representing marginalized groups. We are creating a new frontier for wealth generation.

Shared Office

What We Do

The Made Private Equity Fund is a catalyst for social change. We invest in and partner with renewable energy, technology, real estate and conservation projects around the world. Our work supports local communities, entrepreneurs and governments as they transition to renewable energy sources, develop infrastructure, and protect natural areas and wildlife.

Industry of Investment

Commercial Real Estate, Sustainable Real Estate

Biofuel, Biomass, Carbon Emission Control, Telecommunications and Technology

Hydro Power, Infrastructure, LNG, Mining, Natural Gas, Oil

Environmental Social, and, Governance

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Our goal is to create lasting value for all our stakeholders – from the entrepreneurs we back to the communities they serve. By working together, we can build a more prosperous future for everyone.

Apply now!

The fund provides patient, long-term capital to help founders build game-changing businesses. We invest in companies across a wide range of sectors, including commercial real estate, sustainable real estate, clean energy and technology. In each case, we work closely with management teams to provide strategic and operational support to help them scale their businesses and achieve their full potential.

The first step in our application process is completing the Funding Interest Form below.

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Our Clients




[They are] action-oriented company with a laser-like focus on serving their clients. Their deep experience and team-based approach allows them to help companies through realized success." 

Steve Dolbow

Vice President, Capital One Bank

"[They] led a national project that streamlined efficiency, improved capital, and reduced costs across the U.S. They engaged in the project and their research was thorough and comprehensive."

National Director

Maryland, General Electrics

"Throughout the course of this national project with more than 4,000 devices we increased the overall discounts to 15% for monthly services, combined forty accounts into one account, and eliminated multiple carrier solutions. [This team] drove this project by gathering detailed information regarding the current systems deployed and understanding the long-term cost for those systems. We were better able to understand where Sprint was and was not a fit. The bottom-line result was a 44% cost reduction per year with Capital Improvement in the tens of millions of dollars."

Jon Schoepflin, Texas

Sprint (TMobile)

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