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We secure grants, contracts and win bids for minority entreprenuers.

SAM Registration/Renew | DSBS/ SAM Optimization | Contracting Essentials | Capability Statement | Certifications | GSA Schedule | Contractor Training and Engagement Coaching

Can Made certify my business?

Yes, because we understand that receiving certifications places your business in a more competitive position in selling to the federal government and federal prime contractors.

But, getting started in federal government contracting can often be an overwhelming and complex undertaking.

This is why Made provides specialized support for minority entreprenuers to advance within the government space.

This includes resources and services for capability statement(s), certifications, grant applications, contracts (GSA schedule) and bid opportunities.


Many small business owners neglect to see the full potential available to them through small business certifications.

These certifications allow for a business to bid on contracts and work with the world’s largest consumer of products and services, The Federal Government.

Full Service Digital Marketing and Business Development Firm

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Business Expenses



Brand Guidelines


Capability Statement



The 8(a) Business Development (BD) Program socially and economically disadvantaged individual(s).


  • Compete for set-aside and sole-source contracts in the program

  • Get a Business Opportunity Specialist to help navigate federal contracting

  • Form joint ventures with established businesses through the SBA's Mentor-Protégé Program

  • Receive management and technical assistance, including business training, counseling, marketing assistance, and high-level executive development


  1. Be a small business

  2. Not have previously participated in the 8(a) program

  3. Be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by U.S. citizens who are socially and economically disadvantaged

  4. Have a personal net worth of $750K or less, adjusted gross income of $350K or less and $6 million or less in assets

  5. Demonstrate good character and potential to perform on contracts

Women-Owned Small Business WOSB


These contracts are for specific industries where women-owned small businesses (WOSBs) are underrepresented. Some contracts are restricted further to economically disadvantaged women-owned small businesses (EDWOSBs). The SBA maintains a list of those eligible industries and their NAICS codes.

Joining the WOSB Federal Contracting Program makes a business eligible to compete for federal contracts set aside for the program. 


To be eligible for the women’s contracting program, a business must:

  • Be a small business

  • Be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by women who are U.S. citizens

  • Have women manage day-to-day operations and also make long-term decisions

To qualify as an economically disadvantaged business within the women’s contracting program, a business must:

  • Meet all the requirements of the women’s contracting program

  • Be owned and controlled by one or more women, each with a personal net worth less than $750,000

  • Be owned and controlled by one or more women, each with $350,000 or less in adjusted gross income averaged over the previous three years

  • Be owned and controlled by one or more women, each $6 million or less in personal assets

Historically Underutilized Business Zone  


The government limits competition for certain contracts to businesses in historically underutilized business zones. It also gives preferential consideration to those businesses in full and open competition. Joining the HUBZone program makes your business eligible to compete for the program’s set-aside contracts. HUBZone-certified businesses also get a 10 percent price evaluation preference in full and open contract competitions.

HUBZone-certified businesses can still compete for contract awards under other socio-economic programs they qualify for.


  1. Be a small business

  2. Be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by U.S. citizens, a Community Development Corporation, an agricultural cooperative, a Native Hawaiian organization, or an Indian tribe

  3. Have its principal office located in a HUBZone

  4. Have at least 35 percent of its employees live in a HUBZone


Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Small Business


Joining the disabled veterans’ business program makes your business eligible to compete for the program’s set-aside contracts. You can still compete for contract awards under other socio-economic programs you qualify for.


  1. To qualify for the disabled veterans’ business program, your business must:

  2. Be a small business

  3. Be at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more service-disabled veterans

  4. Have one or more service-disabled veterans manage day-to-day operations and also make long-term decisions

  5. Eligible veterans must have a service-connected disability

We market your business to win.

Made is your all-in-one solution for business development and marketing

Follow our Government Preparation Level Plan (GPLP)

1. Get Registered and Optimized

SAM Registration

System Award Management

Federal Accounting Record

DSBS Registration

Dynamic Small Business Search

Federal Marketing Record

2. Verified for Federal Visibility and Market Exposure

Complete, update and review all federal registration data then information is transferred to FederalMade portal with partners in searchable database for federal buyers.   

3. Capability Statement 

Government Landing Page

"World Class" company resume reflective of your capabilities, narrative, NAICS, contacts, past performance, keywords, ect.

4. Target Market Research

Marketing Action Plan

Made Connections Package 

RADAR Report Analysis 

Real Time Data Analysis Report

Market Intel Package

Your profile is matched against multiple contracting databases to find buyers that buy what you sell. 

5. Become a Preferred Government Contractor and Win Awards

Certifications: veterans, women, socioeconomically disadvantaged, HUBzone

GSA Schedule: New, Renewal, Mods, Review and Engagement Coaching



Local, State and Federal

Course Curriculum 

Made Member

Gain Mass Exposure


Professional Accounting

Once you’ve found an opportunity to pursue, what’s next?

Education. Strategy. Execution.

This is government contracting made simple.

Quick Start
Businessman on Phone

Quick SAM Set-up and DSBS Optimization

Your first step in registering to participate in the $600+ Billion federal contracting market.

Ensure your registrations with SAM, DSBS, and the Made Marketing Directory with Federal partners are aligned, optimized, competitive, visible, and verified. We make sure your federal registrations are done right the first time to help you compete and win government contracts.

GSA Schedule and Certifications

GSA Schedule

With Made's expert support, you can become a preferred government vendor.

Made Marketing's  GSA Schedule Proposal Assistance Program is designed for companies who want Made to handle the entire proposal preparation process. The outcome of the work is a ready-to-submit GSA Schedule proposal, written for easy GSA review and award.

You provide us with corporate experience data, discounting practices, and price data based on the templates and instructions we provide you. 

Then we prepare a complete GSA proposal for you and provide you with an electronic copy ready for submittal.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your GSA Processing to a seasoned professional is the negotiation process. GSA Contracting Officers are trained and certified negotiators whose mission is to get best pricing for the US Government. 

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Small Business Certifications

Enhance your marketing with Made and certify your business for federal set-asides

Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Economically Disadvantaged WOSB (EDWOSB)

Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Service-Disabled VOSB 

8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business


Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone)

Our Clients

Why companies like Made?

"It is exactly what I needed."

The expert leadership and legal strategy makes them an essential resource for all black owned businesses. Made's coaching is powerful. But Mariah truly understands her purpose and helped me best communicate my own. I came away with a crystal clear idea of my next steps, but her kind approach and thorough attention to detail meant I also had a level headed way of how to get started. It is exactly what I needed.


Ray'Chel Wilson
Raise the Bar Investments Company

We market your business to win.

Secure federal, state and local funding. 

Made processes your small business certifications used as professional certifications, to document your special capability or status that will help you compete in the marketplace. 

Made's Support Services

for federal grants and government contracts

  • Available Online

    Differentiate your small business to win federal grants and contracts.

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    15,000 US dollars
  • Available Online

    We provide consulting hours for 1-1 assistance requested by clients.

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