Dynamic Business Resources from Made

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This includes material for funding, compliance, contracting, loan forgiveness, grants, DeFi, Web 3 and more. Our Global Business Community is designed to help you navigate evolving times with confidence. 

  • Business Community

    Expert resources for minority businesses or founders.
    Valid for 10 years
    • Opportunity to network and connect with minority investors
    • Professional contracts, agreements and disclosures such as:
    • employee agreement(s, independent contractor, non-disclosure
    • brand partnership agreement(s), cease and desist and more!
    • 24/7 access to legal, marketing and finance experts
    • Promote product and/or service with strategy and support
    • 1-1 Funding Support or Assistance (VC Specific)
    • Model Agreements: term sheet, voting agreement, stock ect.
    • Early Access to DAO, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education