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Elevating Small Businesses: A Journey with Mariah "Muva of Marketing" Howard

Founder and CEO of Made Marketing Joins National Small Business Association Leadership Council



In a moment that blends strategic brilliance with technological innovation, Mariah "Muva of Marketing" Howard takes center stage as Founder and CEO of Made Marketing and a member of the esteemed National Small Business Association Leadership Council. This new role not only underscores Mariah's commitment to the small business community but also positions her as a visionary bridge between grassroots entrepreneurs and legislative influencers. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Mariah's journey, insights, and her passionate dedication to shaping the economic landscape.

National Small Business Association

America's Small Business Advocate Since 1937

An Empowering Journey Unfolds:

Interviewer: Mariah, congratulations on your new role as a member of the National Small Business Association Leadership Council! This is indeed a significant milestone. Could you tell us about what this role means to you and your journey?

Mariah: Thank you so much. I am truly thrilled to be a part of this incredible opportunity. Joining the Leadership Council is a declaration of my unwavering commitment to elevate the voices of small businesses. It's about championing their concerns, aspirations, and dreams and translating them into impactful policy changes. This role allows me to bridge the gap between the grassroots level and the corridors of power in Washington, D.C. I am driven to ignite critical dialogues, share insights across media channels, and actively shape the policies that define our economic landscape.

Empowerment Through Unity:

Interviewer: Your passion for empowering small businesses is evident. Could you elaborate on the importance of unity within this vibrant community and the journey ahead?

Mariah: Absolutely. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they deserve a collective platform to voice their needs and contribute to policy-making. Unity within this community is paramount—it empowers us to navigate challenges, harness collective acumen, and create a resounding impact on a global scale. My journey has taught me that unity is not just about standing together, but about amplifying each other's strengths and supporting one another in our endeavors.

Balancing Humility and Celebration:

Interviewer: Your approach of balancing humility and self-celebration is inspiring. How does this philosophy influence your journey as a trailblazer?

Mariah: Thank you. It's a philosophy I hold close to my heart thanks to my father. As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves on a continuous journey of growth and achievement. While celebrating our strides is essential, it's equally important to remain grounded in the purpose that drives us. This balance keeps us connected to our roots, reminding us of the impact we can create. It's about standing tall, acknowledging our successes, while staying humble and focused on our mission.

A Vision Beyond:

Interviewer: Beyond your role in the Leadership Council, you're also deeply engaged in various projects. Could you share more about your current endeavors and how they align with your mission?

Mariah: Certainly. In addition to my role at Made Marketing, I am deeply committed to projects that align with my passion for innovation and impact. For instance, I am a founding member of the Developer DAO, where we're driving collaboration among blockchain engineers to shape the future. Projects like Eden AI Talent Search and NEAR reflect my commitment to leveraging technology to revolutionize talent acquisition and content monetization. These projects, alongside my involvement with The Culture Cards and Baddies in Tech, emphasize the importance of inclusivity and diversity within industries. These engagements fuel my overarching mission of empowerment through innovation.

Forging an Illuminated Future:

Interviewer: Looking ahead, what do you envision for the future—both for Made Marketing, your role within the Leadership Council, and your diverse projects?

Mariah: For Made Marketing, the path forward is one of continued innovation and impact. We will harness the power of marketing to propel businesses to new heights, nurturing their growth and success. As for my role in the Leadership Council, and my various projects, I see a future of dynamic collaborations. I envision a landscape where the concerns of small businesses are heard, policies are crafted with their best interests in mind, and our collective efforts illuminate a path for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. These projects are not isolated endeavors; they're interconnected pieces of a larger puzzle that will contribute to a brighter future.

A Passion for Closing the Wealth Gap and Shaping the Future

Interviewer: Mariah, your commitment to empowering small businesses extends beyond traditional realms. Could you share more about your passion to close the wealth gap and advance public goods, and how these passions intersect with your journey?

Mariah: Absolutely. Closing the wealth gap is a driving force in my journey. I believe that entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background. By providing opportunities, resources, and mentorship, we can create a more equitable landscape where underrepresented communities have the tools to thrive. This is why projects like Baddies in Tech hold immense importance to me. It's about fostering diversity in industries where it's sorely needed, breaking down barriers, and enabling individuals to pursue their dreams without constraints.

Interviewer: Your involvement in blockchain technology is intriguing. How does your passion for blockchain intersect with your commitment to advancing public goods?

Mariah: Blockchain technology has transformative potential, especially in advancing public goods. The transparency and decentralized nature of blockchain can revolutionize how we manage and distribute resources. I'm deeply involved in projects like Developer DAO and NEAR Protocol or NEAR Foundation, where blockchain engineers collaborate to shape the future. By leveraging blockchain, we can create systems that ensure fairness, accountability, and equal access to public goods. This aligns perfectly with my mission to empower communities and uplift those who have historically been marginalized.

Shifting the Landscape in Venture Capital:

Interviewer: Shifting gears to venture capital—your insights and endeavors have the potential to reshape this landscape. Could you shed light on how you're making an impact in this arena?

Mariah: Venture capital is a critical space that has long lacked diversity. Through Made Marketing, I'm working to disrupt this landscape by providing underrepresented founders with the marketing strategies they need to succeed. Additionally, my role as an advisor for The Culture Cards and other ventures allows me to contribute to reshaping cultural trends and promoting inclusivity. I believe that by injecting diversity into venture capital and supporting initiatives that embrace inclusivity, we can drive meaningful change and create opportunities for a wider range of entrepreneurs.

A Transformative Path Ahead:

Interviewer: As you navigate these diverse passions and endeavors, what do you foresee as the transformative impact of your journey?

Mariah: My journey is about weaving threads of transformation across various domains. By closing the wealth gap, integrating blockchain technology, advancing public goods, and shifting the venture capital landscape, I hope to catalyze change that ripples far beyond my individual efforts. I envision a future where every entrepreneur, regardless of their background, has an equal shot at success. I see blockchain as a tool for transparency, fairness, and empowerment. Through it all, I aim to foster a business ecosystem where everyone's voice is heard, and everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive.

A Message to Fellow Visionaries:

Interviewer: To conclude, what message would you like to share with fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries who look up to your journey?

Mariah: To all the fellow visionaries out there, I extend an impassioned invitation. Let's unite in this endeavor to empower small businesses. Together, we can create a force that surmounts challenges, shapes policies, and fuels a brighter future for entrepreneurs on a global scale. It's a journey that requires determination, collaboration, and unwavering belief in the impact we can create. So, let's stand together, celebrate our achievements, and work towards a future where small businesses thrive.


In Mariah "Muva of Marketing" Howard's journey, the convergence of strategic brilliance and innovation-driven spirit stands as a beacon of empowerment for small businesses. As she steps into her role in the National Small Business Association Leadership Council and continues to drive transformation through her diverse projects, her dedication to unity, humility, and self-celebration inspires us all. Through dynamic collaborations and impactful initiatives, Mariah is poised to shape a brighter future for entrepreneurs and ignite a transformative dialogue in the economic landscape. Stay tuned for the dynamic tapestry of this empowering odyssey as Mariah continues to elevate the voices of small businesses and lead with unwavering dedication.


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