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Opolis: The Ultimate Platform for Freelancers

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Opolis is a community of communities that caters to independent workers of all kinds. With around $50M in annualized payroll volume, Opolis offers various benefits that help maintain independence while providing financial security.

A message from the Founder, Mariah Howard

As the Muva of Marketing, I joined the Opolis Ambassador program because I'm passionate about economic liberation in the age of digital innovation. With my academic background in molecular genetics and healthcare administration and over 8 years of experience in advertising and business strategy, I bring a unique perspective to the potential of blockchain technology in creating a new shared economy.

Being a blockchain enthusiast and educator, I firmly believe that blockchain technology holds the key to creating decentralized self-governing systems and empowering independent workers. That's why I'm proud to have addressed over 100 audiences worldwide, be a founding member of Developer DAO, and advised The Culture Cards on global strategy and innovation.

I know that the future of work is in the hands of the solopreneur, the freelancer who dreams of the freedom and flexibility afforded by independence, but often struggles with an unpredictable and insecure income base. That's why I'm happy to work with Opolis, a platform that shares my vision of economic liberation and safety- and security-based employment. As an Opolis Ambassador, I'm committed to exploring the endless possibilities for the solopreneur, where independence and safety come hand-in-hand, and dreams become reality.

Opolis has a robust toolkit that offers payroll management, healthcare insurance, retirement plans, workman's compensation, compliance, and so much more. With this platform, independent workers like me can have access to the same benefits and advantages of traditional employment, and this fosters innovation, drives equitable growth, and creates a brighter future for technology-based start-ups.

With my passion for blockchain and Opolis' commitment to economic liberation, I'm proud to say that together, we're forging a path towards creating a better future for independent workers worldwide. Join me!


What is Opolis?


Opolis is a platform that offers various benefits to its members, from payroll management, healthcare insurance, retirement plans, workman’s compensation, compliance, and a host of other features that pair independence with the safety and security of traditional employment. Opolis caters to Web2 and Web3 environments, providing a bridge for people who want to explore independent work.


How the Opolis Platform Works


Opolis is a platform that caters to independent workers, empowering them with features and benefits while maintaining their independence. By harnessing the power of DAOs, Opolis has created a "community of communities" for solopreneurs, freelancers, and other independent workers.

  1. Entity Creation: Opolis offers entity creation for $299 to help independent workers level up their businesses. Creating an LLC or Corporation allows them to professionalize their operations, protect assets, and potentially enjoy tax savings. Personalized payroll and access to group healthcare insurance are two of the most critical benefits for freelancers.

  2. Proof of Income: Opolis acts as an Employer of Record (EoR), which provides Members proof of income through regular pay stubs and a W2 at the end of the year. It is also essential for renting an apartment or buying a house, as people often require proof of employment.

  3. Healthcare Benefits: Healthcare insurance is a significant concern for independent workers. Opolis leverages group buying power to provide access to high-quality healthcare providers like Cigna. Members can enjoy benefits such as dental, vision, retirement, life, and disability insurance. High-quality healthcare is hard to come by for independent workers, but Opolis’s group buying power makes it easier for Members. Members often experience an average of 20-50% savings on group health insurance from Opolis.

  4. The Opolis Employment Commons: Opolis Employment Commons economic model is one of the key features that allows Members to work together towards a common goal, achieving collective ownership of a digital employment cooperative. Members are rewarded with $WORK Rewards for engaging in valuable activities that are useful to the Commons.


How do I get paid by Opolis?



How DAOs Will Change The Future of Work


Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are owned and operated by people who own enough of the DAO’s tokens, which function like cryptocurrency. DAOs will change the future of work, offering more autonomy over when, where, and how people work. Instead of having just one employer and a 40-hour workweek, contributors can work several hours per week across multiple DAOs.

With more tasks automated, contributors will have more time for high-value activities that require creativity and innovation, resulting in a more fulfilling and rewarding work experience. Contributors can choose initiatives that they are passionate about, work with colleagues who share their values, and have greater decision-making power through the use of native DAO tokens.

DAOs are introducing work-to-earn (W2E), play-to-earn (P2E), and learn-to-earn (L2E) models that enable contributors to earn crypto tokens for valuable activities and contributions. These tokens not only represent a form of compensation but can also be used to stake for Ethereum block rewards, which can be higher than 20%.


A New World of Freedom: The Future of Work


DAOs don't care about when or how people work, and this level of autonomy offers a new freedom. Contributors can work remotely, form relationships in online communities, and attend in-person meetings only when necessary instead of working from a central office all year, with few breaks.

Opolis and DAOs represent the future of work and offer financial security, autonomy, and ownership over work. They offer the chance to contribute to a community of like-minded individuals and offer solutions to the challenges that exist in both Web2 and Web3 environments. DAOs will provide more decision-making power, allowing contributors to cast votes on important decisions using their DAO's native tokens. These tokens can be traded on exchanges, representing ownership in the DAO limited to the number of tokens in its pool.

Work-to-earn (W2E), play-to-earn (P2E), and learn-to-earn (L2E), and variations of these models, allow contributors to earn native tokens, fiat money denominated in USDC, or both, depending on the tasks they complete. Token owners can speculate on their tokens, staking them or trading them for other tokens or fiat.

DAOs don't just care about where people work, but they also don't care when they work or how they look while doing so. Most contributors will work remotely, form relationships in online communities, and gather in-person for motivational conferences and retreats.


Do I qualify to become an Employee Member?

  • You’ll need to be a freelancer, independent worker, gig worker, or solopreneur authorized to work in the U.S. (excludes Arizona and Michigan) or Canada (only Ontario and British Columbia provinces)

  • You must make at least the minimum earnings requirements listed for your state. Adding benefits to this amount will increase the minimum. Check out the minimum earnings for your state for 2023 below. (updated March 2023)

  • You’ll need to establish either a ‘C’ Corp or an LLC designated as an ‘S’ Corp. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, we’ll help with that!


How Much Does Membership Cost?


There are no setup fees or hidden costs when it comes to becoming a Member. The only upfront cost is $20 to purchase one (1) share of the Opolis Employment Commons' common stock. After becoming a Member the only fee is the 1% community fee on payroll & benefit consumption.


Join us and secure your benefits today!


Opolis and DAOs represent a significant paradigm shift towards more rewarding and fulfilling work with a more equitable allocation of ownership and incentives. While there are challenges to adoption, including regulatory clarity, the future of work is worth looking forward to and creating. If you're an independent worker, freelancer, solopreneur, or digital nomad authorized to work in the U.S. or Canada, you can join the Opolis community and embrace self-sovereign employment!


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