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Web 3 Jobs and Remote Positions

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

With salaries starting at $150K/year, Web3 has seen a massive boom in adoption worldwide.

The demand for web3 developers, marketers, strategists, consultants and entire workforce, is growing day by day. The term “Web3” refers to the “next phase” of the internet, which, is anticipated, will be grounded in blockchain technology with a focus on decentralization or complete autonomy to the consumer and creator eliminating third parties and centralized organizations. If you aspire to be a part of this and make a career in Web3 (or Web 3.0) and/or blockchain careers, we encourage you follow a structured roadmap.

Why remote jobs or "work-from-home"?

According to the 2021 State of Remote Work Report from Owl Labs, 2021 was the year the world stayed remote, and 90% of the 2,050 full-time remote workers surveyed said they were as productive or more productive working remotely, compared to when they toiled in the office. Another 74% said after the pandemic, working from home is better for their mental health, and 84% reported that working remotely after the pandemic would make them happier, with many even willing to take a pay cut.

In this post, we will share job and open remote positions for web3 careers and technology.


Remote Jobs

Web 3 Career Opportunities





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