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Web 3 Resources: What tools can you use everyday to be decentralized?

List provided by Joshcs.eth and Sovereign Signal

Web 3.0 is all about a more transparent and fairer network where everyone can participate without fearing a loss of ownership and autonomy.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and others will make it easy to provide a more personalized web experience than ever. Also, web apps will be more intuitive and will make them more accessible for people to use in their daily lives.

We've provided a list of Web 3 dApps or tools you can now use today!

Please comment below and share if you have any additions.

✉️ Communications

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🌐 DAO Resources

DAOs don't get rid of CEOs.
They unbundle them.
Many leaders with deep expertise > one leader making calls on everything

📄 Documents

📈 Exchanges

Ξ Ethereum Smart Contract Tools

🆔 Identities

💼 Jobs

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